Mitch the Cake Lady

Mitch the Cake Lady

Mitch the Cake LadyMitch the Cake Lady


Mitch the Cake Lady,  ready to bake your dream cake.

Photo credit Sofia Gomez

Mitch the Cake Lady

Somone once told me that baking is a science and cooking is an art, well that may be true in other kitchens, in my kitchen I combine the science and art. Each cake is a work of art...edible art. The best kind.

What ever cake fantasies you have, I bring them to life.

Yin Yang wedding cake  Summer and Winter in this 4 tier cake

The Cake Studio Ibiza

The Cake Lady Ibiza is growing up and expanding so a more inclusive name was required.  Since I have been baking out of my Cake Studio, it made sense to use the name.  Same great cakes, same great bakery, just a new name.

Rainbow coloured lollipop cake with rainbow cake inside

From bespoke concepts to traditionally decorated creations, here in Ibiza custom designed creations are my speciality. Perfect for wedding cakes, birthday cakes and any celebration cakes inbetween.

Everything is possible with Cake!